Introducing APA IUT CERT

APA-IUTcert is the abbreviation of The Academic Protection and Awareness center – Isfahan University of Technology CERT) and is an academic CSIRT. This center is in correlation with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of Isfahan University of Technology and established in early 2008 to handle computer security problems in the field of network security and also offering special value added services in this context.


This group consists of five technical teams (pentesting, malware analysis, reverse engineering, vulnerability management and incident handling) and "Research and Development" and "Education and Awareness" units. In other words, APA-IUTcert is a technical- research group that provides three different categories of services:
•    Proactive Services Related to Technical Activities and Research Activities
•    Alerts, Awareness and Informative services
•    Emergency Response Services


In addition, some fundamental and technical research projects are conducted based on specific requirements of our technical teams and important research topics in CSIRT area.


APA-IUTcert center, IT building, Isfahan university of technology, Isfahan, IRAN.


Phone (FAX):




info [ AT ] nsec [ DOT ] ir


Director of center:

Dr. Ali Fanian    a.fanian [ AT ] nsec [ DOT ] ir